Katie Baker Business & Contracts Manager at Notting Hill Genesis

“Amanda worked closely with over 100 of my homeless staff members to train them to understand the complex issues underpinning and maintaining homelessness as an interaction between individuals and their environment using PIE.

The hostel staff and Manager really learned to reflect about the problems that their residents face, the way staff interact with each other/external partners and the fabric of the building that they lived in.

The staff fedback is that it helped them to understanding how they thought about and felt about the way a person is behaving and informed their considered response.  I believe this has led to more goals being reached by our residents and less warnings and evictions being served.  Staff learned how trauma in everyday life, can affect the way people cope with difficult situations, so that we are less likely to make judgements about people’s behaviors.

The training ensured staff that the method of continual reflection, what we do, why we do it and whether it is to the benefit of the people we serve really has transformed the lives of our residents. The feedback from the team about Amanda’s style and approach was fantastic the teams stated that she was fully engaging and  they wanted every training session going forward to be in this style.”


Syane Findlay IC Potential Consulting

“Amanda truly is a fantastic Trainer, Consultant and Course Developer. She has extensive knowledge and expertise gained from delivering and developing training globally, is diligent by nature and adaptable to individual and organisational needs.  Amanda is a professional through and through and I wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

International Speaker, Trainer and Coach

MTCTCL Middle East

“Amanda has worked for MTCTCL for 9 year and through her years she has proved to be an articulate, dynamic and qualified trainer, practiced in delivering and facilitating training to diverse audiences. Amanda is passionate about inspiring, motivating and equipping individuals, as well as teams, to advance their skills, enhance performance, and reach their highest potential.  Amanda is a much sought after instructor by most of our clients. The feedback we receive from our clients is always excellent as she takes her time to prepare and plan for each training programme, and has excellent delivery skills.”


Louise Tyson Learning & Development Manager at SHP

“Amanda has been working with SHP to deliver high quality training for over 10 years.  Amanda has consistently delivered thorough, informed, and engaging training on Motivational Interviewing, the Criminal Justice System and other areas of support within the Housing and Homelessness sector. I find Amanda to be professional and enjoyable to work with; she is flexible to our needs as an organisation and seeks to apply her significant knowledge and experience in a way which supports our staff to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Amanda’s training is a good balance of knowledge and skills-building, using activities and games to engage staff and build confidence. Amanda’s training is always in high demand but organising training dates and communicating with Amanda is clear, flexible and reliable. I look forward to working with Amanda for many years to come.”


Laura Milward Training Manager at Homeless Link

“Amanda has been delivering training and consultancy for Homeless Link for 7 years. Amanda is a dynamic Trainer who is both professional and personal in her approach. Amanda’s commitment to long training contracts has been appreciated by us, as well as her unwavering reliability when it comes to both, delivering and developing training courses or consultancy work. Amanda is open to delivering new courses and always takes to them with ease. Amanda has provided support to other Homeless Link Associates in the past which we and the Associates have appreciated, the fact that she makes herself available to other Homeless Link Associates shows how kind she is with her time and knowledge. Amanda is a pleasure to work with because you always know you’re going to get a top-quality product, on time and in full.”



“Transformational – is how I describe the journey with my coach Amanda Tooth. I am happier than I have been in many years and am enjoying my work and personal life. Let me tell you what I value about Amanda’s coaching, she understands the way I think and process, this is huge for me and has meant we built rapport quickly and I was able to be open and vulnerable.

At the beginning of this journey, I spent time thinking about my goals and Amanda suggested various ways of recording them. I chose to do this in a creative way making a piece of art, this approach has really worked and I have explored a different way of expressing myself. Amanda has given me so many new tools to use and growth work to do between sessions. I have recently reviewed my goals and am proud to say I have made huge progress.

When I started out on my coaching journey, I wanted to look at my work and the challenges I was facing.  I quickly realised there was so much more about my life I wanted to change and that is where I am now, trying new things, challenging old behaviours with the encouragement and support of Amanda who is an incredible coach.”

Phyl R.


“Six months ago, I had no confidence and was feeling completely de-motivated by ‘the search’ for a new job. I approached Amanda without any real sense of what a coach could offer and only a vague idea of the things I wanted to work on. All I can say now is that the experience has been transformational. Amanda is incredibly empathetic and knowledgeable about what she does. She offers meaningful insight during our dialogue and helps to guide sessions according to my needs or how I am feeling. I’ve landed a new job and learnt more about myself these last six months than I have my entire time on earth! Every day I use valuable tools that she has taught me to help me be better both at work and at home. I genuinely cannot recommend her enough!”

Caitlin M.

Progressive Coaching

I can’t recommend Amanda highly enough. I have been working with her since early 2021 and the process and experience has been completely transformative for me.

Working together over a long period has given me the ongoing, impartial nurturing that can be difficult to find at work and the techniques to manage my own way through stressful situations. She is incredibly perceptive and knowledgeable about her field, as well as being pleasure to work with.

Thank you Amanda!

Sarah G