I am a progressive coach integrating a number of complementary approaches and tools.  I work with individuals to achieve balance whether the initial focus is on personal or professional change.  Currently sessions are being provided remotely via Skype or Zoom only.  

I also provide organisational support facilitating reflective practice sessions and Action Learning Sets.  These are being provided remotely via Zoom until further notice.

I take a forward-looking strength-based approach no matter whether it is professional or personal coaching.  The sessions are led by you and guided by me.  You may choose to focus on a specific issue or explore a desire for change.  The coaching process will help you to identify what needs to change, strategies for change, and resources you might need to support the change.

I do not need to know or understand your area of work to be able to provide professional coaching.

An initial assessment session will be offered.  This session will include some coaching to enable you to make an informed decision about what you need, and whether I am the right person to help you to achieve it.

New clients are then asked to make a commitment to a minimum of four sessions.

Please contact me directly for further details.