I am a Progressive Coach, providing both personal and professional development.  I work holistically, integrating a range of complementary disciplines, approaches and tools.

Whether you choose to focus on a specific issue, or to explore a general desire for change, the coaching process will help you to identify; what you really want to change, strategies to facilitate change, and the resources you need to support change.  The sessions are led by you and guided by me.  My role is to guide, challenge, and support you to achieve balance and growth.

Please note that for professional coaching, I do not need to know or understand your sector or area of work.

An initial conversation will be offered to enable us to see whether we are the right fit for one another.  New clients are then asked to make a commitment to a minimum of four sessions.

I also provide organisational support facilitating Reflective Practice sessions and Action Learning Sets.

All coaching sessions are provided remotely via Zoom.

Please contact me directly for further details.