Katie Baker Business & Contracts Manager at Notting Hill Genesis

“Amanda worked closely with over 100 of my homeless staff members to train them to understand the complex issues underpinning and maintaining homelessness as an interaction between individuals and their environment using PIE.

The hostel staff and Manager really learned to reflect about the problems that their residents face, the way staff interact with each other/external partners and the fabric of the building that they lived in.

The staff fedback is that it helped them to understanding how they thought about and felt about the way a person is behaving and informed their considered response.  I believe this has led to more goals being reached by our residents and less warnings and evictions being served.  Staff learned how trauma in everyday life, can affect the way people cope with difficult situations, so that we are less likely to make judgements about people’s behaviors.

The training ensured staff that the method of continual reflection, what we do, why we do it and whether it is to the benefit of the people we serve really has transformed the lives of our residents. The feedback from the team about Amanda’s style and approach was fantastic the teams stated that she was fully engaging and  they wanted every training session going forward to be in this style.”