Progressive Coaching

“Transformational – is how I describe the journey with my coach Amanda Tooth. I am happier than I have been in many years and am enjoying my work and personal life. Let me tell you what I value about Amanda’s coaching, she understands the way I think and process, this is huge for me and has meant we built rapport quickly and I was able to be open and vulnerable.

At the beginning of this journey, I spent time thinking about my goals and Amanda suggested various ways of recording them. I chose to do this in a creative way making a piece of art, this approach has really worked and I have explored a different way of expressing myself. Amanda has given me so many new tools to use and growth work to do between sessions. I have recently reviewed my goals and am proud to say I have made huge progress.

When I started out on my coaching journey, I wanted to look at my work and the challenges I was facing.  I quickly realised there was so much more about my life I wanted to change and that is where I am now, trying new things, challenging old behaviours with the encouragement and support of Amanda who is an incredible coach.”

Phyl R.